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Put safety first with our wide range of CCTV & Security products. From surveillance cameras to home security systems, we’ve got the best solutions to ensure the safety of all the things you value most – whether at home, or for your business.

What kind of security system do I need?

What kind of security camera system should I buy? We know that with the huge range of CCTV Cameras available, picking the best one for you can seem daunting.

However, we like to think that we have a solution for everybody. The first thing to consider is where you will be using it. Will this be an addition to the outside of your home in order to deter intruders, or are you hoping to add extra security to the interior of your business? Do you want motion sensor cameras, or is it more important to you that you go wireless?

There are a lot of questions when dealing with something as serious as security, but whether you’re ensuring the safety of your staff or the perimeter of your home, we can always help.

Do I need a DVR?

If you’re installing multiple cameras, you’ll want to ensure you have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This will record and store the footage from your cameras in a secure way, and allow you to search and find any moment of footage you need. The model of DVR you need will depend on the number of cameras you have, and the amount of recorded footage you need to store. If you’re buying one of our CCTV kits, you don’t need to worry – we’ve matched the ideal DVR to the rest of the system.

What about CCTV connectivity?

The magic of modern technology is its endless connectivity and adaptability – and with many of our CCTV products, you can connect your CCTV system to your apple or android phone, and receive alerts or view a live feed no matter where you are. It’s a relief to know that with our systems, you can ensure the safety of your home or business, even on the other side of the world. You can also link them with a smart TV, meaning you can comfortably monitor what’s going on at the press of a button. Having this degree of connectivity also allows additional options for backup, such as recording directly onto your device.

The Latest IP &
CVR Technology

A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a video recorder that is connected to your computer network and records video footage from the IP cameras also connected to that network. It allows you to manage an IP camera system via existing computers and IT hardware.

An NVR is different from a network-capable DVR in that a DVR is for use with analogue CCTV cameras that must be physically connected to the DVR itself, whilst an NVR is for use with IP cameras and records video from the cameras via the network without need of a direct connection between the IP cameras and recording device.


Combining 3G/4G cellular network for the signal and solar technology for the power, means you can go completely wireless with your CCTV set up. This is ideal for configurations were vast or remote areas need to be covered such as farms, mines and other applications. Not to mention the resources saved in data and power cabling.

Solar power is the answer.

The remote nature of many security systems, coupled with the low power draw of some today’s ultra-efficient cameras, makes CCTV an ideal application for solar or wind power. Stand-alone solar powered wireless CCTV technology means that the entire system can be installed without running power or data cables, both of which can be extremely costly over a wide area. An additional benefit is the independence of the power supply. Even when the national grid goes down or there is a local power cut, a stand-alone solar powered CCTV system will continue to operate.

Let cellular technology take care of the rest

The cellular security cameras work in a way similar to your cell phone: a cellular module is installed in the main control panel and it sends signals wirelessly to the monitoring stations.

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