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We offer a variety of data destruction and digital media sanitation services to fit your requirements and ensure you are in compliance with your industry. We provide a certificate of data destruction for all levels of service. This along with a detailed report listing each unique serial number gives you complete accountability of each digital media device.


On-site Mobile Shredding Services

Our mobile data shredding truck can be deployed to your facility for on-site physical data destruction.

Our Data Destruction specialists are all trained and certified with process and ethics training. We have many options available to you when it comes to physical hard drive destruction.

We will scan in each unique serial number of your hard drive into our database and provide a detailed report of our certified data destruction.

You can also choose to have the event recorded giving you complete accountability of each drive shredded. The video will show the face of the hard drive to be destroyed and show our on-site destroyer feeding the drive into the shredder. We can then copy the event onto a thumb drive for your records.

On-site Mobile Degaussing Services

Degaussing is the process of reducing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic data stored on tape and disk media such as computer and laptop hard drives, diskettes, reels, cassettes and cartridge tapes. Once this media is exposed to the powerful magnetic field of a degausser, the stored data is erased and is no longer retrievable. Our Data Destruction specialists use an approved and certified Degausser which can be used to erase all types of classified and sensitive information.

Added Value

We offer competitive pricing for all our destruction and sanitation services to include volume discounts or locked in long term rates to give you the best discounts.

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